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Ninten'DO Hair Salon - Peach and Daisy
Janna's heart raced as she dashed around the salon, making sure everything was perfect.  It had all happened so fast.  She was in the shop early, as always, and was setting everything up for the day.  As she was organizing her utility cart, the phone rang.  She picked it up and barely had time to apologize for being closed when a brusque voice cut her off.
“Is this the Ninten'Do Hair Salon?” it asked.
“Yes, but I'm so sorry, we don't open for two more hours.”
“Of course, of course, but I have urgent business I wish to discuss.”
Janna was about to say that urgent business could be conducted during regular business hours when she was cut off again.
“Princess Peach would like to make use of your services.”
Janna nearly dropped the phone, and took so long to compose herself that she was worried the man may have hung up.
“Princess Peach?” she repeated, unsure that her brain had processed what it had heard correc
:iconakillingword:AKillingWord 21 18
Sam's headshave.
author's note this story was inspired by pictures about Clover shaving Sam's head made by
:iconbdromeart: ( formerly known as blackdragonx5.)
"where is Clover and Alex? They have been missing for a while." Sam thought to herself and
stepped out of her room and into the hallway. In the distance one could hear laughs and
giggles. Sam presided to the living room and the laughs and giggles grew louder. "Oh my I
wonder what the heck are doing in there?" Sam questioned herself as she walked to the
bathroom( with beauty parlor). Sam approached the pink rosy door. She reached for the
handle tuned it and pushed the door open. "OMG what's the brightness?" asked in surprise.
To her surprise it was the bathroom light reflecting off from Clover and Alex's shiny bald
heads. "What have you done?" Sam questioned with excitement and nervousness in her voice.
" Hey Sam! What you don't like it? I did Alex's also and she loves how smooth and soft it
is." Clover stated as she rubbed Alex's shave as she blu
:iconsailorcancer01:sailorcancer01 8 0
Lamentoso-37 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-37 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 8 0 Lamentoso-36 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-36 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 8 0 Lamentoso-35 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-35 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 9 0 Lamentoso-34 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-34 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 8 0 Lamentoso-33 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-33 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 7 0 Lamentoso-32 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-32 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 9 0 Lamentoso-31 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-31 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 10 0 Lamentoso-30 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-30 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 7 0 Lamentoso-29 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-29 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 8 0 Lamentoso-28 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-28 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 9 0 Lamentoso-27 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-27 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 8 0 Lamentoso-26 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-26 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 8 0 Lamentoso-25 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-25 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 6 0 Lamentoso-24 by sairaj1995 Lamentoso-24 :iconsairaj1995:sairaj1995 6 0


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